In our discussion groups in class we discussed tactics that society could use to keep young girls safe from the vortex that sucks young women into trafficking.  My group discussed using school systems to keep girls off of the streets where they are often preyed on by traffickers.  By providing access to school and after school care, these girls actually want to stay in school and are less likely to drop out and roam their communities.  We also discussed how crucial family support systems are for keeping girls close to home and within the safety of their families’ sight.  However, as simple as this whole “keep girls in school” thing sounds, it’s harder said than done.  Most young girls (and boys) that are sucked into the sex trade are runaways or kids from very low income families.  While we can provide aid to some of these children, how can we help and protect them all?  Sex trafficking has nearly quadrupled in the United States in the past 5 years and the Midwest is becoming a very hot spot for traffickers to bring their victims.  Although the government has some laws trying to aid in this sex trafficking craze, I think that many of these small non-profits are making much more progress than the state.  A small organization formed in 2008 named “Courtney’s House” not only searches for young children on the streets of D.C. that are victims of trafficking, but they train community officials to recognize what sex trafficking looks like in America.  The organization was formed by a victim of sex trafficking herself.  I think that more organizations like this need to be exposed and expanded so that sex trafficking can stop multiplying and start to see a decline.


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