These Men Were Enjoying Watching These Scantily Clad Women … Until They Discovered Why They Were Dancing

I think that this video is incredible.  Yeah, it is focused on the horrible topic that is sex trafficking, but it is getting it’s message across in a way that is actually grabbing the attention of it’s viewers.  You see the men in the video joking around and dancing with the girls because they like the way the girls are dressed and the atmosphere in the red light district seems fun.  However, when the women end the dance routine and the stunning message appears on the screen above them, it’s shocking how drastically the atmosphere of the group changes.  You can actually see the shock and the guilt in their eyes once they read the screen and understand the reality of the situation.  And I think that even just watching the youtube video on a computer induces a form of guilt, which I think is great.  The victims of sex trafficking and human trafficking need people to feel guilt and need people to be angry to serve as a catalyst for change.  If people are impacted by videos and public displays like this one in the red light district, then they will look into getting involved and hopefully make a difference for the innumerable victims stuck in the sex trafficking industry today.  I think that if displays like this one were set up in America they would create a great deal of attention.  Of course there would be negative reviews of such a blatant, raunchy display in NYC or LA or any highly populated city BUT I think that this would simply result in more attention.  Sex trafficking is such a taboo topic in the United States and I think we need to draw considerable attention to the industry in order to create change.  This video not only reveals how exploited these women’s bodies are, but how easy it is for young women and children to be tricked into trafficking.


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