1 NEW ITEM: 14 YR, 5’5″, 105 LB

I’m 5’5″.

105 lbs. 


14 years.

This is an example of what men search through on the internet when deciding which child they would most like to rent for the night.  Prices fluctuate depending on race, age, descent, and most importantly virginity.  Disgusting.

For class we read “Selling Sex for Visas” from Global Woman and discussed the women working as sex workers and the men who travel the world to visit these sex destinations.  While it is true that these women are willingly participating in sex tourism, they are being forced and trapped into the industry by the patriarchal constraints of society.  By keeping these women in a poverty stricken area, the option of becoming a sex working is now advantageous to them.  These women and young girls are not being educated either, which is also acting as a “masters tool” to guarantee that these women remain oppressed.  These women hope that using sex as their employment will eventually lead them out of poverty.  However, the women in the narratives we read expressed concern for their daughters’ futures.

The example ad that i placed at the beginning of this blog is very discomforting.  I have a 14 year old brother and I couldn’t imagine him or any of his little girl friends being pimped out on a Craigslist equivalent to multitudes of businessmen or “johns” every night.  I can’t even imagine how afraid mothers who are involved in sex trafficking must be as their daughters near puberty.  The horrible thing is that most of these young girls will follow in their mother’s exact footsteps.  The patriarchy keeps these women captive; the patriarchy keeps all women captive.



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