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5 Reasons I’m Here for Beyonce the Feminist

After reading the above article and discussing Beyonce’s new album in class I have somehow gained even more respect for her, which i didn’t think was possible.  Her new visual album is so empowering of young women and influences gender equality.  Beyonce is obviously a strong, inspiring female figure to young women everywhere, but her self-titled album takes female empowerment to the next level.  She not only encourages women to be themselves and resist the pressures of our toxic society, but she tells the stories of how she herself came to learn these life lessons in her videos.

In class we discussed how much the media and society as a whole attacks artists and celebrities who embrace the word “feminist”.   We spend so much time deciding if Beyonce is a “good” feminist or a “real” feminist, rather than just applauding her for empowering women and supporting equality of the sexes.  Society tears her apart for being sexual and bootylicious in her videos, but why shouldn’t she be able to show off her body? What does it matter if she publicly labels herself as a feminist?  She is obviously a person in support of equality of the sexes socially, politically , etc. so does the rest really matter?  She sends positive messages to women to embrace their bodies and their sexuality and who they are.  She speaks out about not falling for society’s “myth about gender equality” and her lyrics instruct that we teach boys how to respect a woman and treat all people equal.  With all of these great things she is actively involved in, does it matter if she fits into the confines society has built around the word “feminist”?  NO.


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