Jimmy Carter vs. Sex Trafficking

In his new book, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter reflects on the respect and leadership roles that women deserve (and do not have) in today’s society.  In an interview prior to a book signing this month, Carter said that “women should [never] be treated as inferior” and spoke of the absolutely absurd amount of women that are currently being trafficked through Atlanta, GA.  He states that Atlanta is the number one trading post for young trafficked girls in America today. It is believed that as many as 300 victims come through the Heartsville Jackson Airport every single day. SICKENING.

In an attempt to bring this issue to light, Carter is also focusing his new book on various ways to halt this patriarchy-fueled trafficking epidemic.  The sex buyers need to be put in jail; putting just a few prominent men in Atlanta’s growing sex industry behind bars could make a huge difference for women today.  Atlanta’s underground sex trade is booming.  Of America’s top seven cities for sex trade, Atlanta is only one of two that has seen an increase in weekly pimp intake since 2005.  Atlanta’s pimps rake in about $33k per week, compared to Dallas’ $12k.


While most ads for prostitution are posted online nowadays, Atlanta’s street profits are still absurdly high.  Demands come from both the city and the suburbs thanks to the major highways running through the city.  Apparently the densely urban area known as Fulton Industrial Boulevard is a “hot spot” in Georgia due to the multitude of major rappers returning to the area to shoot their music videos on the streets with women they rent out. Once they are done shooting their hypersexualizing videos during the day, the rappers then break out their wallets for the pimps so the women can come in to have sex.

I think that a former U.S. president raising awareness on the issue of sex trafficking in America is great progress.  People are slowly beginning to realize that trafficking does exist right in their backyards.  I think that having powerful men speaking out about the unfair patriarchal limits on women of this society will be able to draw attention. It may just be a small, slow-moving impact, but progress is progress.  People listen to leaders. And with only four past U.S. presidents still with us today, I think Jimmy Carter will at least be able to catch the attention of this country.


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