Response: The Covering House


While looking at my classmate Lauren’s blog, which also focuses on creating sex trafficking awareness, I came across a post about the campaign pictured above.  In 2010 a “concept” store was put up in the center of one of Israel’s busiest shopping centers and began selling real live women.  Young women were placed in the storefront windows wearing price tags that gave details of their age, height, weight, race, country of origin, etc.  While the goal of this display was to gain signatures to pass a bill banning Israeli men from purchasing women, I think a display like this would incredible today in America.  With sex trafficking on the rise here, we are seeing more and more stories and news articles popping up on all sources of social media.  I can guarantee that if a store like this were set up in an American mall it would draw major attention to human trafficking.  Since 2010, social media has even further infiltrated our everyday lives and I think that news of a “Woman to Go” shop would spread pretty damn fast.  People are visual learners, and I think that something like this would get a lot of Americans thinking about what is going on around them.


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