5K for Human Trafficking Awareness


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Volunteers are walking tall for those who can’t walk away.

You should never judge a person, until you walk a mile in their shoes. And if you walk a little over three miles in stilettos … your heels are going to hurt.

But organizers say those pumps should be painful. Karena Steir is the creator of Heels of Hope, a 5K awareness campaign for human trafficking. “Human trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world,” said Steir.

At the age of 14, men trafficked Brittany Phillips outside of a grocery store in Cedar Rapids. A few months later undercover police rescued Phillips in Chicago. Now 22-years-old Phillips is a survivor and an advocate, handing out nameless dog tags at the finish line.“It means a lot to me what they’re doing,” said Phillips.

The tags symbol the nameless people that still need to be rescued.

While some…

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